Our Team

Unlike Invisible Fence ®, Pet Stop is made in the USA, advanced tech designed by people with pets.

The Management Team

John Purtell

John Purtell is a nationally recognized business leader. He founded Invisible Fence®, Inc. in 1976 and built it into what it is today, once earning the esteemed position as a finalist with Inc. Magazine’s annual “Entrepreneur of the Year”. In 1993, John sold his interest in Invisible Fence®, but after a few years out of the market he’s returned to the industry that he helped create, and is now the Pet Stop® president.

Blaine Bacher

Blaine Bacher entered the market in 1994 as a pet containment dealer located in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has participated in the field at every level, from sales and installation to manufacturing and management. Today he heads up the nationwide Pet Stop® Dealer Network.

Scott F. Touchton

Former Chief Engineer of the Invisible Fence® brand, Scott remains a leader in pet containment. He has composed several patents while overseeing the development of numerous products that have gone on to define the industry standard. Scott is a crucial part in developing Pet Stop’s® innovative, effective, and groundbreaking solutions and designs.

Randall Roberts

Owner and Trainer,  Born and raised here in Boise Idaho, Randall graduated from Boise State University with a computer science degree... combined with his love for animals we are sure you will find his technical know how and animal training are both second to none in the Pet Fence business here in the NW!