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Setting Indoor Pet Barriers

Designating some rooms as "off limits" for your fur babies has never been easier.  Simply plug our UNIT NAME HERE into a standard wall outlet and viola! You're room is now pet free!

Our UNIT NAME HERE works on the same frequency as our outdoor system.  In fact, we use these units when we introduce your pet to its new collar and electronic boundaries.  It's part of our training process.  

These units are great for keeping pets from going up/down stairs and away from open 'areas of interest' to our pets.  And most importantly, keeping our pets away from seasonal decorations.


We're sure you have plenty of questions.  Luckily, we have plenty of answers!  Call us to set up a FREE consultation so we can sit with you and your pet(s) to discuss your needs and concerns in your home.

Dining Room is 'Off Limits'

Dining Room is 'Off Limits'

Dining Room is 'Off Limits'

Indoor Pet Fence.  Indoor Pet Barrier.  Keep your pet out of your office, dining room.

"Keeping 'Monster Puppy' out of my dining room is a life saver!"

Candace in Eagle

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Dining Room is 'Off Limits'

Dining Room is 'Off Limits'


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